Crypto Exchange Coinbase Users Facing Connectivity Issues

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  • Coinbase supposedly continues to undergo some system issues.
  • Coinbase said it resolved the issue as of 2:00 am UTC on November 24.
  • Crypro exchange Coinbase suffered a similar issue just a month ago.

The well-known cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase supposedly continues to undergo some system issues after facing a major connectivity problem.

Accordingly, Coinbase officially mentioned, both Coinbase brokerage and its trading platform Coinbase Pro were not functioning on Tuesday due to some connectivity issues on both platforms. Coinbase Stated, “This may cause failed trades, deployed transactions, and unexpected behavior on the webpage and mobile apps”.

Furthermore, Coinbase said it resolved the issue as of 2:00 am UTC on November 24 as the problem was no longer affecting Coinbase products and services.  The firm took nearly less than two hours to fix the problem, as per Coinbase’s incident and scheduled maintenance history.

Coinbase Connectivity Issue

More so, the users in online are immediately expressed outrage regarding the platform’s repeated connectivity issues, with some observers pointing out that Coinbase suffered a similar issue just a month ago. Most of the Coinbase users linked Coinbase’s connectivity issues to rallying coins including Shiba Inu (SHIB), GYEN, and (CRO).

In early November Coinbase surged over 300% after listing CRO on its platform. GYEN has remained unavailable for buying, selling, and trading on Coinbase due to technical reasons since Friday. Some of the users of Coinbase have reportedly continued experiencing issues with the platform even after the exchange said the problem was fixed.

Eventually, one of the Coinbase users mentioned, “I wake up and a day later and Coinbase is still down. Imagine the lawsuits if a stock exchange shit the bed that hard”.

One user wrote on Twitter that it was almost 24hours and Coinbase is still down. From this, we can understand that the connectivity issue in the Coinbase exchange is not yet fixed.

Hence more, Elon Musk, Tesla CEO recently expressed his support for crypto holders moving their funds out of centralized exchanges to protect their holdings. Elson Musk stated that any crypto wallets not giving you your private keys should be avoided at all costs.

Therefore, even the Coinbase exchange announces that the connectivity issue was fixed, the users are experiencing a connectivity issue. So the issue was not recovered completely by Coinbase. 

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