Crypto Exchange Binance Plans Two New Offices in Brazil

Crypto Exchange Binance Plans Two New Offices in Brazil
  • Employees would have the option of doing their jobs from home or these locations.
  • The firm stated in March that it will acquire Sim;paul Investimentos.

The global cryptocurrency exchange community is increasingly focusing on Latin American nations like Brazil as a result of the region’s robust cryptocurrency market. Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It has now revealed plans to expand into the nation with two new offices. However, it has been reported that employees would have the option of doing their jobs from home or one of these locations.

The two new locations, one each in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, are being touted as shared co-working facilities. With the goal of accommodating Binance’s expanding workforce in Brazil. There were just 60 workers at the start of the year. But that number has already more than risen to 150.

Focusing on Regulations

While the cryptocurrency exchange has had trouble complying with local legislation in the past, current efforts are focused on Brazil. In this regard, the firm stated in March about signing MoU with Sim;paul Investimentos. To become a licensed payment institution in Brazil, a move that is currently being reviewed by the country’s central bank.

Matthew Shroder, global vice president and regional director at Binance, stated:

“We are being proactive to ensure that even before the new regulations go into effect, we meet the prerequisites to operate as a crypto exchange.”

Due to the upcoming general elections in October, Congress has yet to examine the Brazilian cryptocurrency law, which was filed last year. Shroder also gave hints about the impending release of a Mastercard product that would let Brazilians to use a debit card to buy cryptocurrency, much as the card released a month ago in Argentina.

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