Preliminary Audit Reveals 20% Of Assets in SHIB CEO Clarifies Over Liquidity Rumors in AMA Session
  • Nansen’s analysis shows that has assets worth nearly $3 billion.
  • FTX collapse compels every company to prioritize transparency. A pioneer was

As transitions to Proof Of Reserve, the development occurs, and the preliminary audit shows that Shiba Inu owns 20% of the assets. As the FTX collapse forces every firm to focus on transparency. The majority of firms are shifting to make the firm transparent. As a result, was a forerunner. As it has now been revealed, they have a wealth of assets in a well-known meme-coin.

With those efforts just getting going, one company,, has taken the proactive step of sharing wallet addresses with the blockchain analysis firm Nansen. To create a dashboard of nearly $3 billion in reserves and other assets. Preliminary Audit Reveals Plenty of SHIB

The audit reveals that the meme coin Shiba Inu handles a sizable portion of’s assets. Because the majority of the SHIB token is a frequently abused cryptocurrency with primary use cases, it is frequently regarded as speculation it is traded for quick profits and cheap.

And, of the $2.88 billion in total assets, approximately $588 million are in SHIB. With the holding ranking second only to the $872 million in bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency by market value, which accounts for 31%. According to Nansen data, the amount exceeds $487 million in ether (ETH). The second-largest cryptocurrency, and midgets the $1.5 million in dogecoin (DOGE). spokesman said to a media outlet that

“Shiba is included in our Proof of Reserves because we hold customers’ balances 1:1. As a result, our Proof of Reserves is determined by our customers’ holdings.” 

It’s not surprising, he says, that retail-heavy exchanges will have a higher concentration of such tokens. Regardless, as an exchange, one’s main source of revenue is likely to be trading fees, so whether trading meme coins or more fundamentally sound assets, the business model persists.

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