Crypto Cars World All Set to Release an Exciting New Alpha Version

Crypto Cars World All Set to Release an Exciting New Alpha Version

Crypto Cars World is a racing video game built on NFT blockchain technology, inspired by Need for Speed or Gran Turismo, where the fastest wins. You may either be a mechanic or a racer or even both. First NFT game that goes beyond typical online video games. The game, developed in Unity, has graphics on par with any modern racing game.

A mechanic (user) fixes your car or puts petrol in it so you can resume running races. This is what makes it unique from other games. Customers will get a garage to test out Crypto Cars World on the initial registration. The minimum number of CARS must be introduced to 5.

The free garage can farm but not care for users’ automobiles. The player must acquire one of the marketplace garages to have his automobiles take care of him.

One needs an NFT vehicle to withdraw gaming wins. Mechanics may save RC to purchase their first RC vehicle. Race (RC) is the game’s internal currency. With it, one can buy gasoline in cans, tool-kit, or tickets. CARS stands for Crypto Cars World token. It may be earned via farming or competitive racing, swapping RC for CARS. Users can also purchase CARS at PancakeSwap.

The game will include two coins. One inside the blockchain has a variable value, and another does not have any value and can’t be purchased outside of the game.

Two Exciting Versions Available:

  • F2P (Free to play)
  • P2E (Pay to earn)

The Free to Play (F2P) mode is a game where everything is unlocked, and the user may play without paying anything. In this mode, you will have access to all garages and cars in the game. Both F2P and P2E modes will exist. They won’t compete unless the gamer wants them to. Owning cars/garages or winning races will not produce revenue in the F2P mode.

Moreover, users will be able to watch races on all circuits for free. The racer may compete with or against other players on various courses, avoiding potholes and even tornadoes. Players face off in different game modes such as time trial, drift, and many more.

Crypto Cars World offers its consumers the chance to stake on the web at a current APR of 155%. By staking cryptocurrency, investors seek the safest, most efficient, and most profitable investing path. It’s a double bonus at 155 percent APR.

Furthermore, tomorrow, Crypto Cars World is set to release an exciting new Alpha version that includes the first playtest for racing players and the whole farming system.

Currently, the CARS token can be purchased at PancakeSwap, and its pricing can be discovered at

Notably, it also offers scholarships. Those who cannot join due to the currency’s future worth or desire to drive fast automobiles may apply for a scholarship.

Last but not least, one cannot imagine having an NFT automobile and not being able to modify it. Crypto Cars World lets you design your rides. 

There are two methods to modify the car.

  • Apply Skins
  • Upgrading components

League Matches

Moreover, players enter a trophy league where they may win or lose cups. The cups will be reinstated at the start of the season. The players will compete inside their league, not against other users who have more cups than they do.

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