Constellation Network Announces Acquisition of Dor, Multimillion-Dollar SaaS Startup

Constellation Network Announces Acquisition of Dor, Multimillion-Dollar SaaS Startup
  • The Constellation network is built on a directed acyclic graph.
  • Over 2,000 businesses use Dor’s technology.

Constellation Network is a platform that lets everyone create and run a business on the blockchain. Existing blockchain technology lacks the speed, scalability, and economic motivation required to develop business logic applications. 

Constellation’s ecosystem includes Hypergraph, a free network with reputation-based consensus, Stargazer Wallet, and Lattice Exchange, a decentralized financial platform. $DAG is the Constellation Network’s native cryptocurrency.

Today, Constellation, a distributed infrastructure that links big data and blockchain, said it had acquired Dor, a company that helps retail companies enhance customer outcomes via data analytics.

It can now collect and codify Dor’s massive foot traffic data and connect it to other big consumer datasets. The business may get fresh insights into millions of customers’ purchasing patterns without sacrificing privacy with this data. Constellation plans to build the world’s biggest mesh network by merging its current mobile node technology with Dor’s hardware.

CEO of Constellation, Ben Jorgensen said:

“Acquiring a data-driven hardware and software company will help us increase Constellation’s network utility.”

Dor, a San Francisco-based start-up, will continue to operate while collaborating with Constellation on future blockchain-based products.

Founded by ex-Apple developers and seeded by Zetta Ventures, Bolt Ventures, BCV, Conductive Ventures, RevTech Ventures, and Vertex Ventures. A battery-powered, thermal-sensing people counter, Dor helps hundreds of businesses improve retail performance. They may also incorporate Dor into their POS systems to track consumer conversion rates.

Unlike linear networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Constellation network is built on a directed acyclic graph (DAG) architecture. The concept creates a decentralized lattice database of nodes that can handle millions of data inputs and expand exponentially as data grows.

Dor’s thermal foot traffic countermeasures visitors’ heat signatures and uses patented machine learning algorithms to improve accuracy. For both small and corporate shops, Dor’s sensor is a peel-and-stick solution with a cellular connection.

The combination of Constellation’s Hypergraph network and Dor’s hardware innovation paves the way for future blockchain technology advancements, applications, and infrastructure. Over 2,000 businesses use Dor’s technology to make data-driven choices based on foot traffic.

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