CoinW Exchange Is Now Recruiting Global Partners To Expand Global Crypto Market

CoinW Exchange Is Now Recruiting Global Partners To Expand Global Crypto Market

There is an old saying In the wave of the Internet “The one owns users owns the world”, which is also true for the blockchain area. Only these adhere to the service concept of “user first” can go further down the road.  

Any company wanted to have long-term development will need a firm belief as the core. As the world’s leading crypto trading platform, CoinW believes in the value of Bitcoin and blockchain and dedicates itself to the technology revolution of blockchain. CoinW exchange has grown into the world’s leading comprehensive crypto asset trading platform.

To develop the global market and serve our clients better, CoinW Global Partnership program is now officially launched We hope to attract more high-valued investors, professional institutions, and individuals into our platform, leveraging our complete business ecology, multiple commercial strategies, and high rates of rebates.

According to the head of CoinW Global Partner program, CoinW Global partner plan welcomes blockchain enthusiasts, community owners, and influencers from global wide, as long as you have project resources and a certain influence in the local industry, CoinW Exchange will sincerely look forward to the cooperation.

Today’s world is a world of global information interconnection. Blockchain new finance has constructed a framework of globally distributed collaboration. The development of enterprise cannot be separated from the expansion of the global market. With years of global layout, CoinW has more than 8 million real registered users from 120 Countries, with a daily peak trading volume of $20 billion. 

It is worth noting that the depth and liquidity of the perpetual contract product on CoinW Exchange ranks first in the whole network, which benefits from its product innovation. Over the years, our trading futures have steadily increased, and more comprehensive functions for futures derivatives trading has been added, with faster performance, stricter risk control, and richer trading varieties.

According to relevant data, the global cryptocurrency users have reached 221 million as of June 2021, and more people in more countries and regions around the world choose to embrace crypto assets and blockchain technology.

The innovation of technology and finance endowed by blockchain technology enables more marginal cities and regions to have the opportunity of catching up or even overtaking.

Opportunities are always rare in each era and blockchain will be the biggest opportunity for young people in this era.CoinW invites you to become a global partner of CoinW and share the development dividend of the era.

The benefits offered by CoinW Global Partnership include:

1. High Rebate,up to 80% ;

2. EnjoyVIP Benefits:

3. Most productive teams, will have the chance to discuss the most cutting edge projects with KOLs and CoinW Research members and obtain primary information.

 4. Customized “CoinW Global Partnership “Medal and “CoinW Global Partnership Gift Box”.

 5. Will have the opportunity to participate in a closed-door meeting with CoinW’s founders and participate in major decisions.

 6. Experience CoinW’s new products for the first time.