Coinbase Agrees Settlement of $100 Million to NYSD Financial Services

  • The exchange was found to be in breach of anti-money laundering laws.
  • Coinbase must also spend $50 million on a compliance programme.

An agreement has been reached between the New York State Department of Financial Services and Coinbase, a publicly listed cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States, for the payment of a fine of $50 million. The exchange was found to be in breach of anti-money-laundering laws. When it was discovered that new users may create accounts without the required verification procedures being followed.

The U.S. cryptocurrency exchange must also spend $50 million on a compliance programme. To prevent criminals such as drug traffickers, child pornographers, and others from creating accounts. New York State Department of Financial Services announced a settlement with Coinbase on Wednesday, the conditions of which Coinbase must follow.

Could Not Handle Rapid Expansion

Coinbase’s compliance concerns were initially uncovered in 2020 during a routine review, far after the exchange had earned its New York state operating license in 2017. A problem with the exchange’s anti-money-laundering procedures was uncovered, with its roots going all the way back to 2018.

To comply with the requirements of anti-money laundering laws, which state that the company must know the identities of its customers and keep track of their activities to look for any suspicious activity, Coinbase initially agreed to engage the services of an outside consultant to assist it in reorganizing its day-to-day operations. But it didn’t alleviate the problems facing the company, so in 2021, authorities began looking into the situation more formally.

New York State’s financial services supervisor Adrienne A. Harris made allegations that Coinbase’s compliance department had not kept up with the company’s fast expansion.

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