ChainSafe Raised $18.75M in Series A Funding for the Adoption of Web3 Technology

ChainSafe Raised $18.75M in Series A Funding for the Adoption of Web3 Technology

ChainSafe is a leading blockchain firm, an early entrant of Web3 infrastructure  has successfully raised $18.75M in Series A funding. The main aim to participate in the fundraising is to expand its presence in blockchain gaming and Web3 technology. Moreover, the fundraising sessions were led by popular companies in the industry. 

Round13 is a well-known venture capital firm who took the lead for the funding rounds. In addition, some new investors like NGC Ventures, HashKey Capital, Sfermion, Jsquare, and returning investors ConsenSys, Digital Finance Group, and Fenbushi Capital also joined. 

As the gaming industry is becoming more popular at present, it is one of the best strategies of ChainSafe to expand in the Web3 gaming space. 

ChainSafe into Web3 Gaming Technology

The Series A funding round was successfully completed supporting ChainsSafe to promote its presence in the Web3 infrastructure. Thus, the estimated cash will enable the firm to develop its operations in the booming blockchain gaming industry

Additionally, ChainSafe has its own flagship product, web3.unity. So it targets and connects all the games which use the Unity platform with blockchain technologies. Also witnessing the scope and demand for the blockchain gaming or GameFi space, ChainSafe will gain potential growth in the upcoming years. 

More so, since 2017, the blockchain firm is working on the development of Web3 technology. Now as the company owns a huge amount, it can successfully adopt the GameFi, the future for millions of gamers and gaming industry.  

The CEO and Co- founder of ChainSafe, Aidan Hyman shares, 

“ChainSafe was born with a vision to bring in decentralized technologies assuming it will serve the near future. The efforts and contributions of ChainSafe have made a great impact on the community. Thus, we are proudly looking forward to the adoption and growth of the Web3 ecosystem.”

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