Cardano’s Adademon will Launch Metaverse Game Soon

Cardano’s Adademon will Launch Metaverse Game Soon
  • The Adademon team created an NFT land called Elysian Plains.
  • The Overlord effect is one of the special characteristics of Elysium Lands.

The Metaverse-based play-to-earn platform Adademon has altered the NFT gaming industry that it has signed a development contract with renowned NFT game production studio The Adademon team has disclosed that the game’s MVP and an ADADEMON metaverse visual trailer would be released the following week.

While its native token token $AGONY private seed sale on the process, last week, the delegation team visited the CUBIX regional office to complete development on its metaverse game’s Cardano blockchain edition.

Unique Features Adademon Lands

The team has also created an NFT land called Elysian Plains, which consists of 150,000 separate pieces of land, each with its own distinct characteristics and easy access to the resources required to build a fully functional ADA Demon metaverse.

The Overlord effect is one of the special characteristics of Elysium’s Lands.  according to a gaming mechanism Overlord effect, the top 10 landowners receive a total of 1.5% of all ADA Demon earnings, which is then shared with owners accordingly to the quantity of property they control. 

The underdog effect is another distinctive feature for retail investors. Along with the rest of their users, small retail investors, in particular, will benefit from this. Additionally, this will increase retail interest in our property and motivate users of our DeFi Space. Lobbying is another unique feature of The Underdogs, which enables land to be pooled by underdogs and gain access to The Overlord effect.

In addition, Adademon and VYFinance have formed a staking pool, an important step toward the completion of its project. Meanwhile, users can exchange their $VYFI token for a $AGONY token. The token price is fixed at $0.003, with a maximum payout of 1 million $AGONY, and the annual percentage rate (APR) is set at 41.47%.

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