Cardano Stablecoin Djed to Be Accessible on Trading Tent

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  • Cardano COTI has partnered with Trading Tent making Djed accessible on that platform.
  • The current price of Djed is 2.27933 ADA with a circulating supply of 525,106.

Cardano COTI partnered with Trading Tent to access NFT using Cardano stablecoin Djed. Though all of the crypto markets seem in a downtrend where very few can maintain stability, in those few only fingers countable firms are planning for further innovation.

The enterprise-grade fintech platform, COTI, enables businesses to create their payment solutions and digitize any currency to cut costs and save time. The organization announced its partnership with Trending Tent on June 29. 

The outcome of this partnership is expected to be the trading of Cardano NFTs and assets using their trading system by the means of $Djed. Sam Portillo, Strategic and Creative Director of Trading Tent expressed this will add a new layer to trading for traders who are hesitant about investing in normal cryptocurrency.

Sam Portillo said:

“Stablecoins like Djed are quickly gaining popularity amongst NFT marketplaces as an alternative solution to the volatility risks of traditional cryptocurrencies. We’re excited to be along with the first integrations of DJED into day-to-day case uses.”

Cardano Stablecoin Djed 

The Cardano over collateralized stablecoin Djed’s Testnet version was launched a few weeks before. This created a sensation among the Cardano users and the support for it was overwhelming to the developers. And very soon the Djed is expected to hit the mainnet, post the Vasil hard fork completion.

As of now, the price of Djed stablecoin in terms of ADA is 2.27933 on the platform and the circulating supply is calculated to be 525,106. The reserve ratio is 582% which is 3,053,895 Djed.

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