Cardano Restores Rapidly Following Brief Node Interruptions

  • More than half of the Cardano nodes disconnected and restarted due to an anomaly.
  • The cause of the anomaly and subsequent node disconnections is still under investigation.

Cardano Network, one of the leading open-source blockchain platforms, has recovered rapidly after its brief node disruption. According to recent posts from the developers of Cardano, the blockchain ecosystem witnessed a brief outage on Sunday as 50% of nodes disconnected due to an anomaly. However, the network problem was immediately resolved.

Rick McCracken, a developer for Cardano, tweeted

Some of you will be aware of an incident last night at approximately 00:09:00 UTC (between blocks 8300569 and 8300570) that caused approximately 50% of Cardano nodes to disconnect and restart. This impacted relay nodes and block-producing nodes; edge nodes appear to have been unaffected.

Cardano Fixes Itself in Minutes

The tweet further elucidated the interruption that occurred in Cardano. According to the post, the issue appears to have been brought on by a transitory anomaly that caused one of two responses in the node: some disconnected from a peer, while others threw an exception and restarted. However, the major cause of the anomaly and subsequent node disconnections is still under investigation. 

Furthermore, Tom Stokes, a Cardano SPO, tweeted a network sync statistic following the Cardano node outage. According to the data, network sync has progressed quickly to a level of more than 87%. However, it has not straightaway returned to its earlier level of 100%, as per the statistics.  

This is not the first time the nodes have been disconnected on blockchain networks. In the previous year, the Solana ecosystem also experienced a similar concern. An interruption caused the sudden fall of Solana for more than seven hours. The blockchain developers had been working nonstop to restart the network.

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