Cardano CEO Kept Strong Passion Despite the Testnet’s Failure

Charles Hoskinson Reveals Final Vasil Hard Fork Details
  • Charles Hoskinson said that Cardano is his greatest passion and that he is not quitting.
  • The CEO stated that they were actively trying to fix the issue.

We are all aware that Cardano’s Blockchain testnet is broken and that a significant procedure is underway to fix it. On August 21, Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson stated that he is not leaving Cardano and that the project is his greatest passion.

Recontracting the Broken Testnet on Process

According to the CEO, it will impact the lives of billions of people because the error was caused by a bug that was found in the node’s most recent upgrade, version 1.35.2. and addressed the testnet dispute while saying that there is no quality concern with the Vasil hard fork.

And the Cardano user Adam Dean tweeted that the issue has been resolved and the testnet is becoming stronger and better than ever.

The operator of the stake pool Andrew Westberg reaffirmed that the problem has been resolved by the development team.

The CEO also stated that the team is putting in a lot of effort to strike the proper balance between security, speedy delivery, and the customer experience.

He continued by expressing his tremendous frustration with the current state of affairs, specifically the lack of organization among the Cardano community. And the circumstances that allow them to grow and change. To complete Vasil together, then reach higher altitudes and correct some of the project’s initial flaws so that Cardano can move on to the subsequent steps.

Finally, it has been admitted that he has been making an effort to resolve the issues that have arisen.

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