Cardano ADA Releases Weekly Report Confirming Hard Fork

Cardano (ADA) Surges as It Ready for Vasil Upgrade
  • The latest information about the Lace wallet is included in the study.
  • The ADA weekly report informs readers that the polls for Project Catalyst Fund9.

Cardano ADA weekly update report for the week of September 16 is now available. Cardano provides an update on the progress of the forthcoming Vasil hard fork and provides different ADA data in this report.

Input Output’s vice president of community and ecosystem, Tim Harrison, has said that the forthcoming Vasil hard fork would “significantly” enhance the capabilities of the top proof-of-stake blockchain. Incorporating Plutus V2 scripts, the update will improve smart contract capabilities with better throughput and improved efficiency.

Recent Developments

This report states that the main net hard fork will occur on the 22nd, with the PreProduction environment hard forking on the 19th. Currently, more than 95% of SPO blocks are mined by the new node v.1.35.3, and the main DApp projects are also scheduled for the upgrade. Furthermore, liquidity on exchanges is now at 55%, with excellent progress being made toward the goal of 80%.

The latest information about the Lace wallet is include in the study. Cardano-wallet builds a typed API for Typescript from Haskell, and the development team is polishing up a proof of concept to demonstrate this. Adestria is also working on getting cardano-js-sdk ready for release.

The Hydra Team is also deploying a persistent network of Hydra nodes running a Hydra groupware programme. The group was helpful in identifying issues that addressed in further updates.

Last but not least, the ADA weekly report informs readers that the polls for Project Catalyst Fund9 will close on September 19. Users of Fund9 are now voting on over a thousand different projects. Each and every wallet that votes could receive a reward. According to the report, 1,100 teams are working on projects on the Cardano network. There have been more than 50 million transactions using Cardano.

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