Cardalonia Revolutionizes the P2E Blockchain-based Metaverse Gaming Sector

While blockchain has many fantastic use cases, the gaming sector seems to make the most out of it. It transforms the whole gaming industry when paired with the advantages of NFTs, P2E, and the Metaverse.

For the Metaverse established on the Cardano Blockchain, a play-to-earn game called the Cardalonia has gained a lot of attention in the last few weeks because of its novelty, usability, dedicated team, and other aspects. It is different from previous initiatives because it aims to create a decentralized form of the crowd economy. To make use of the cheap gas prices for minting or trading assets, the sub-second transaction speeds, and all with user-maintained custody, Cardalonia is a decentralized strategy game powered by NFTs developed on the Cardano Blockchain.

To further enhance the utility and efficiency of NFTs, Cardalonia creates the world’s first operational interactive NFT system. Medieval Avatars come to life in 3D holographic shading methods never previously seen in the industry. In addition, rare in-game assets may be collected, traded, fought for, and earned in Cardalonia.

Cardalonia will be a virtual space where anybody may produce Value (Assets), join a clan, buy land, and exchange their products in the Metaverse. Land and space will be scarce in the Cardalonia Metaverse since they are non-fungible and one-of-a-kind digital assets. A player’s land may be leased to other developers who can construct on it and display their assets. They can then sell or purchase their creations.

The Cardalonia Metaverse accepts its native utility token $LONIA for transactions. The $LONIA token will facilitate all Cardalonia ecosystem transactions. $LONIA token holders and stakers get several advantages from doing so.

Notably, there will be 100,000,000 LONIA tokens with a strong lock policy, which means the supply is set, and no further tokens will be created.

Fourteen percent of the Tokens are given to the Cardalonia Development team, and 6 percent are put aside for marketing and partnership reasons. The Lonia supply has been laid out to distribute 20% of the overall supply as staking incentives. In three rounds, the public will be able to purchase half of the entire quantity of LONIA tokens. With the seed sale price being 1 ADA = 14 Lonia tokens.

Users may join Cardalonia’s $LONIA Token Seed Sale at

About Cardalonia:

Creators on the Cardano blockchain established Cardalonia, a decentralized play to earn a metaverse built on top of Cardano for participants. As such, Cardalonia is a virtual world where one can develop, own and sell their virtual gaming experience on the Cardano blockchain.

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