Cadbury 5Star Offers Cryptocurrency “NothingCoin” for Doing Absolutely Nothing!

Cadbury 5Star Offers Cryptocurrency “NothingCoin” for Doing Absolutely Nothing!
  • Cadbury 5Star introduces first ever cryptocurrency “NothingCoin.”
  • NothingCoins are rewarded for doing Absolutely Nothing.
  • No effort, No money- Make your wallet rich by Doing nothing!

As Cadbury 5Star is a very popular international chocolate brand which still holds a favorite place in people’s hearts. Right from kids to adults, Cadbury is an all time favorite chocolate for its delicious tastes watering the mouth.

Interestingly, Cadbury 5Star took an initiative to introduce its first ever digital currency, “NothingCoin” which the users can earn for doing absolutely nothing. As cryptocurrencies are the recent trend catching the eyes of large investors, 5Star smartly promoted this interesting campaign among the youngsters.  

Besides launching a new digital token, Cadbury 5Star opens a ‘Nothing Coin Bank’ in Nariman Point, Mumbai. In addition, people can just sit, enjoy and eat a 5Star chocolate while minting the NothingCoins. Users are very excited to experience such an offer for earning cryptocurrency for doing nothing. Notably, the surprising list isn’t ending here!

How does NothingCoin work ?

Cadbury 5Star team guides the users to take part in this interesting campaign to earn for doing nothing. Initially, the user has to log into their digital wallet on a mobile microsite and be ready to stay still without doing anything.  

More so, the main function of the microsite is to identify whether the users remain ideal. Once it detects users’ inactivity it starts mining the NothingCoins and adds them into the respective users wallet. Further, the NothingCoins benefits the users helping them to purchase their favorite products at digital 5Star mall, online purchases at JioMart and specially to enjoy trading in for vouchers.

Moreover, to offer these crypto coins, a physical place is built and named as NothingCoin Bank in Mumbai. Physical assets like couches, beanbags and charging points are present for users to mine for hours with air conditioning comfort. 

It is with the same infrastructure like other normal banks with teller, a deposit counter, a loan counter, an ATM. But as a twist in the model, the teller will not speak or the ATM machine gives the money. Instead, the customers must borrow the cushions from the loan counter inorder to sustain their mining process. 

Thus, in this digital world it is an interesting idea attracting large users to dive into the trending crypto space. Cadbury 5Star chose an alternative way in targeting its customers through its innovative campaign strategy.

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