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Buy Your Pizza and Ice-cream With Bitcoin, Exclusive In India!

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Buy Your Pizza and Ice-cream With Bitcoin, Exclusive In India! Exchange News

Recent times have been putting quite a smile on the crypto industry of India. Amidst various oppositions at first, now the crypto industry is flourishing in its own way. However, sources have confirmed that the complete regulations and frameworks are nearly ready and are all set for legalization. In spite of all these developments for the nation upon accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and the cryptocurrency industry, now the oldest cryptocurrency exchange of the nation, Unocoin takes a new strategic move.

Unocoin’s Strategic Move

Unocoin is an Indian cryptocurrency exchange and recently it brought forth its wallet too. This has moved the firm to great heights. Despite being the oldest cryptocurrency exchange in India, their work has been prominent and propelled themselves to such great heights. 

In spite of being launched long back in the year 2013, Unocoin is the oldest crypto exchange in India. Besides, Unocoin is considered to be the most widely used and trusted cryptocurrency exchange in India. The Unocoin cryptocurrency exchange comes under CoinMonk Ventures Private Limited, which is headquartered in Bangalore city. 

Unocoin’s Strategic Move

Unocoin went a step further in the Indian crypto industry by converting Bitcoin (BTC) to direct usage, similar to fiat money. Accordingly, Unocoin decided to promote this as much as it could. 

Furthermore, Unocoin now makes it possible to use BTC for many sorts of buying and selling of many sorts of goods and foods. In spite of this, they have come up with special kinds of vouchers which are of the value of 500 to 5000 Indian rupees worth of BTC.

Besides, these vouchers can be used to buy pizza from Dominoes, coffee from India’s biggest chain of cafes, Cafe Coffee Day, and much more. Also, the same can be used for buying ice cream from Baskin Robbins too. 

In spite of all this, it takes place via an app offered by the crypto exchange. In addition, the app features simple and user-friendly options like ‘Shop’ with which one could purchase the vouchers with their BTC values in accordance with the Indian rupees.

Moreover, the Co-founder of Unocoin, Sathvik Vishwanath states BTC is quite popularly accepted in numerous outlets throughout the West and the U.S. However, in India, it’s not yet and so our new initiative will be the first for the nation, states the co-founder proudly.

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