BTC,CBDC & NFT Leads Winter Olympics 2022

BTC,CBDC & NFT Leads Winter Olympics 2022
  • BTC, NFT, CBDC-all plays a prominent part in Winter Olympics 2022.
  • Winter Olympics based NFTs are in circulation vividly by many firms.
  • Certain Olympics stars receive salaries in BTC.

The onset of the Winter Olympics, 2022 indeed sparked quite a fire throughout the world, especially upon the crypto industry. True to the fact, yes, this is the first time ever that the crypto industry along with many of it’s attributes are playing major roles and part of many events upon the Olympic games. 

The Winter Olympics, 2022 also known as XXIV Olympic Winter Games, started off on February 4th in Beijing, China. Though in recent years the crypto industry was not in the good books of China, upon the Winter Olympics indeed, crypto plays a major role. Not to forget the fact that China banned Bitcoin (BTC) and BTC mining too. However, along with BTC, all major attributes of the crypto industry like the Non Fungible Token (NFT) are all put into action upon the Winter Olympics, 2022.

The Crypto Indulgements

Firstly, is the massive involvement of China’s very own Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the digital yuan in the Winter Olympics, 2022. About more than millions were transacted by digital yuan upon the first day of the Winter Olympics, 2022. 

Despite being launched just over a month ago, the digital yuan has indeed succeeded till very date. Moreover, the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, 2022 witnessed the highest transactions ever made with digital yuan. In addition, till date about more than $13 billion has been transacted through digital yuan. Also, more than 10 million people hold digital wallets with digital yuan in them. 

Apart from this, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) has now collaborated with nWayPlay, a prominent game studia and NFT trading platform. Together they will be bringing a complete collection of Olympic based NFTs. This is to be termed as ‘the Olympic NFT pins’. 

On the other hand, famous Olympics bobsledder star Johnny Quin avidly supports BTC like anything. And so he advises upcoming stars and the younger generation to start investing in BTC. Whatever, he indeed asks them to invest in small amounts at first mainly to understand BTC. 

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