BTC Payments for Shopify Now Possible With Binance

BTC Payments for Shopify Now Possible With Binance

Despite all the negative aura surrounding Binance upon the regulations and allegations put over it by various crypto-regulated countries all over the world, Binance strives in many ways to establish itself as the prominent and largest crypto exchange in terms of capital. Accordingly, Binance’s attribute, the Binance Pay has now come up with new partnerships expanding itself.

The Alliance With Alchemy Pay

Binance, being the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange spread all over the world, now has made new collaborations in order to expand its established platform even more. Now, Binance looks forward to establishing itself in the crypto to fiat conversion platforms.

In spite of this, Binance announced officially that it has partnered with ‘Alchemy Pay’ in order to bring the crypto to fiat conversion systems upon its platform. Besides, Alchemy Pay is the world’s very first crypto to fiat hybrid exchange platform. 

Furthermore, Binance plans to incorporate Alchemy Pay’s hybrid exchange protocol upon it, to offer to its nearly 2.5 million active users. In addition, this new integration will bring and allow users to both pay and accept payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and various other cryptocurrencies.

However, not all cryptos upon Binance could facilitate this feature in Binance Pay. Yet, it’s predicted that almost 40 cryptocurrencies upon Binance will be supporting this feature. Also, Binance Pay will be supported in all countries where Alchemy Pay is active, counting to more than 18 countries. 

Moreover, with this partnership, now Binance Pay could be used extensively on various e-commerce platforms like Shopify, software technology firm Arcadier, mobile payment platform QFPay, and many others.

A Peek Into Alchemy Pay

The worldwide crypto to fiat hybrid exchange platform was first established in the year 2018, thereby establishing real-world crypto to fiat currency uses. Accordingly, Alchemy Pay operates in over 65 countries and supports over more than 300 fiat currencies and legal tenders. 

Alchemy Pay has its very own token going by the same name the Alchemy Pay (ACH). Indeed, the ACH token has witnessed an extreme surge and remains bullish like anything. 

Accordingly, on Wednesday the ACH token surged upwards about 98% in a single day. Also, it has witnessed a 14-day surge of about 1680%. This made its listing upon the crypto exchange platform, Coinbase. 

In addition, the current trade price of ACH is about $0.02445, still surging up to 129%. 

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