BTC Hash Rate Reaches New ATH of 248.11EH/s

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  • BTC hash rate reaches ATH of 248.11EH/s.
  • Increase in hash rate determines more secureness of BTC network. 
  • Hash rate of BTC to increase furthermore.

The king of all thrones, Bitcoin (BTC) now gains one more medal by reaching a new level in it’s hash rate. Yes, BTC hits an all time high, hash rate of whopping 248.11EH/s. Indeed the whole BTC network admires such a profuse rise up in the hash rate. 

Such an increase indirectly points out that the BTC network has evolved much more. This instigates that BTC network’s security levels have improved massively and threats of hacks upon the network will now be mere to impossible. 

Behind ATH BTC Hash Rate

The ATH of the BTC hash rate took place on February 12, 2022, reaching a massive 248.11EH/s. Such a surge indeed happened within hours in just a single day. Previously, BTC’s hash rate was only at 188.40EH/s. Within just a single day, it surged up from 188.40EH/s to 248.11EH/s. This translates to a growth of 31.69EH/s. 

In addition, many determine that such increase in BTC hash rate is obvious, as the BTC mining sector is vividly on growth. Also, analysts term that this increase will make sure that all possible illegal hacks and fraud transactions upon the network are eliminated to the maximum extent. 

Although BTC mining bans are in action profusely in many countries and nations like China and so on, almost all BTC miners have migrated to other less friendly developing countries, mostly unregulated markets. And so, the BTC mining is being profusely carried out and is on increase too. 

Moreover, analysts term that BTC hash rate will evidently continue to grow further on and surpass higher hash rates too. However, at the same time, this will become true only along with the increase in price of BTC.  Higher the price and growth of BTC and it’s network is, the more will be it’s hash rate evidently. 

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