BTC Has Died ‘435’ Times, Next 10 Years to Be Tough!

Crypto Market Fumbles as Major Coins Continue to Trade in Red
  • Tyler Winklevoss tweets regarding Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Notifies that BTC has died so far 435 times till date.
  • Tyler remains quite scarsactic, indirectly terming the fate of BTC for next 10 years.

 Ever since the Bitcoin (BTC) crashed down in the first week of December, many critics started to depict the next phase of BTC. 

It seems, the future for BTC is going to be tough. Personally, all I have heard so far in December is only the drop down of BTC. Moreover, one read out that BTC may completely die out! 

If such is the fate for the king of the crypto, then think of the rest of the industry. Surely the market isn’t stable and it’s been completely volatile recently. 

In spite of all the above, just a few hours back, one of the most prominent American businessman and investor, founder of Winklevoss Capital Management and Gemini crypto exchange, Tyler Winklevoss tweets rather cynically on Bitcoin (BTC). 

Tyler’s Tweet 

Accordingly, just a few hours back from the time of writing, Tyler Winklevoss took to Twitter through a tweet

Upon the tweet, Tyler shares a post from 99Bitcoins, which determines the number of times BTC has so far died. In terms, ‘died’ here obviously refers to the number of times BTC has ditched down. 

Furthermore, the tweet mentions that BTC has so far died out 435 times. Moreover, Tyler Winklevoss puts up with a shock and laughing smiley which all contradicts his sarcastic pessimism on BTC. 

In addition, he depicts that many are in prayers and thoughts for the BTC to remain surging up stable. 

The Next 10 Years Fate for BTC 

Furthermore, Tyler states that the past ten years’ journey of BTC has been tough. At the same time, he also mentions that the next 10 years won’t be easy either. 

Finally ending the tweet, he puts ‘Just a hint’. This denotes that this may be taken as an actual warning disclaimer for all into BTC. 

Seems, the future and path for BTC would be only tougher for the next ten years than the past ten years! However, let’s stay as cautious as possible and find out. Next ten years could witness the truth.

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