British Band Muse Creates History With Its Newly Released Album

British Band Muse Creates History With Its Newly Released Album
  • Muse’s NFT album, Will of the People sold 51,500 copies in the first week.
  • Muse distributed 1000 tokenized copies of the album on the Serenade marketplace.

By entering the NFT sector, the British rock band Muse made a new history. As per the latest reports, Muse has become the first music band to get top on the UK charts, with their recently released album, “Will of the People”. The album sold on NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as well as traditional forms.

Will of the People, the latest album from the trio group, reportedly sold 51,500 copies in the previous week, making it the best-selling record. Muse distributed 1,000 tokenized copies of the album on the Serenade marketplace as part of the album launch in late August. 

NFT & Its Impact on the Music Industry

This is not the first time that the music industry is making a connection with the NFT marketplace. Several music artists have already started making profits through NFTs and collaborating with various NFT platforms.

Last year, Canadian musician Grimes made the most substantial profit from her music NFT project. She sold a collection of digital artworks that included poetry for approximately $6 million at a last-minute auction. Additionally, other music artists like 3LAU, Steve Aoki, deadmau5, and Kings Of Leon also made a profitable revenue from the NFT space.

Now more artists and music platforms are stepping into this scenario because they believe that NFT tokenization could democratize the art market. Furthermore, technology has completely changed the music business, as an artist’s revenues are typically based on how many people listen to their music streams. In the future, NFTs are expected to bring a huge change in the music industry. 

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