Breaching Over Discord: Hackers Targeting NFT Platforms

Breaching Over Discord: Hackers Targeting NFT Platforms
  • The NFT industry has suffered a loss of about $22 million.
  • Discord accounts rose by 55% in June 2022.

Web3 security firm TRM Labs have released a new report on the latest wave of hacker attacks on Discord, a popular social media platform for Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects. As per the report, Discord has seen an increase in the number of hacker attacks over the past three months.

When compared to the previous year, the number of phishing attempts related to NFT minting frauds made through compromised Discord accounts increased by 55% in June 2022. Moreover, the NFT industry has suffered and lost about $22 million since May 2022, according to the data from TRM Labs.

Endless Hacking on NFT Projects 

Chainabuse, a user-driven fraud reporting website run by TRM Labs, has received over 100 reports of Discord channel hacking in the last two months. Hackers use a variety of methods to mislead NFTs among Discord users.

The NFT project which was the target of Discord breaches (Source: TRM Labs)

TRM investigators’ examined more than 15 prominent Discord compromises that targeted NFT servers. Their analysis of on-chain and off-chain data lead them to believe that many of these recent account compromises are probably connected. 

As per the TRM report, well-known NFT Discord project accounts including BAYC, Bubbleworld, Parallel, Lacoste, Tasties, Anata, and a dozen others are among the hacked accounts that have been linked. On June 4th, NFTs worth about $256,000 (145 ETH) were stolen after the Bored Ape Discord hack.

Other than Discord, hackers are targeting the NFT platform’s website and their Twitter accounts. Recently, Hackers got into the prominent NFT registration platform Premint, and stole 320 NFTs worth more than $400,000. Furthermore, NFT influencer Zeneca was the new victim, attackers were advertised on Zeneca’s Twitter account to trap the investors.

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