Brave Browser Rewards Its Web Users for Viewing Online Ads

Basic Attention Token (BAT): Coin of the Day by Social Activity

Brave is a faster and safer crypto browser with innovative web works providing the best browsing experience to its users. As it is one of the popular browsers, there are many online advertisements available on the page. So now, the advertisers are planning to credit digital assets for the viewers of those ads. 

As a smart planner, Brave’s advertising system plans to offer its users for viewing the ads while browsing the contents. Thus, Brave users became lucky receiving a compensation of a small amount of Basic Attention token (BAT). This BAT is the native token of the crypto browser. 

Besides, in July, Gemini the well known crypto exchange partners with Brave for trading and wallet support services. So the users trading process was simplified through this new integration. Buying and selling crypto via internal connecting platforms was a great offer for all the users. 

Brave’s Rewarding System

Moreover, this partnership is helping the users to redeem their BAT assets through the Gemini user wallet. The Brave community deposits the users crypto assets directly into their Gemini accounts initially. Then the users can easily trade or withdraw their digital assets from the crypto exchange. 

Importantly the users have to sign up for the Brave rewards and thus by viewing each ads, the web users are benefitted. Along with this, Brave browser informs its customers to follow up any one method. The users are advised to link their existing account with Gemini wallet or create a new one from Brave’s reward page. 

Additionally, not only with Gemini, Brave has a healthy partnership with other two great crypto wallets. It includes Uphold, a digital money platform and bitFlyer, the largest crypto exchange for Japan users. With all these integrations, Brave users are eligible and accessible to transfer assets across exchanges. Thus, it will be an additional option for the users of Brave browser. 

Therefore, the users of a browsing page can benefit in so many ways. Brave users are really lucky to claim such valuable offers from the firm. Thus the Brave ecosystem is smart and innovative in retaining its customers for long term goals. 

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