Bloomberg Terms BTC to Hit $100K in 2022!

Crypto Devotees Are on High Etching the Tattoos of Their Favorite Tokens
  • Bloomberg’s Mike McGlone terms BTC to hit $100K in 2022.
  • BTC is now considered as a risk-off asset.
  • ETH also expected to reach extreme heights in 2022.

With the start of 2022, the depictions and analysis upon the prime ruler of the crypto sector, the Bitcoin (BTC) is still in rage. Numerous depictions have been put forward till date. True to the fact, many with the statistical data and proof term that BTC would not witness such a tremendous triumph upon the year 2022. 

Moreover, most of the debate is whether BTC will hit the much anticipated target of $100K or not! As this will remain a controversy further through in 2022, the senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone states that BTC will for sure hit $100K in 2022.

Mike McGlone’s Predictions

Upon a recent interview, Blomberg’s senior commodity and crypto analyst Mike McGlone puts out his views abruptly upon the major cryptos. 

In spite of this, McGlone vividly depicts that BTC will for sure reach $100K in 2022. In addition, McGlone states that throughout BTC’s journey so far, it has entered into a different dimension now. Accordingly, he states that BTC is now a risk-off asset completely. This depicts the fact that BTC could be now considered a completely safe asset to invest on and with assured returns without any losses. 

Though crypto is indeed a risk-on industry, BTC differs now, as it has come a long way. Besides, new investment strategies, holdings, return on holdings, fixed bonds with monthly returns and much more. In spite of all this and with the year 2022 started now, McGlone exclaims that he is much confident that in 2022 BTC will hit $100K for sure. Apart from BTC, McGlone also states that Ethereum (ETH) will be also following the same path as BTC.

Much like BTC, ETH will also rise to greater heights, being the fact that Non Fungible Token (NFT) being a vital point for the ETH blockchain platform. As NFTs will become off-charts in 2022, along with it, ETH will also terms McGlone.

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