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BlockDAG’s Dev Release 58: Unveils x1 Miner Bug Bounty Program As $2 Million Giveaway Winners Nears Announcement

BlockDAG’s Dev Release 58: Unveils x1 Miner Bug Bounty Program As $2 Million Giveaway Winners Nears Announcement Press Release

BlockDAG’s latest developments are making waves in the crypto community. The recent Moon-shot Keynote drew an impressive $53 million from its presale, with 11.7 billion coins sold. The current price stands at $0.0122 per coin, reflecting a remarkable 1120% growth.

With a $2 million giveaway grand prize winner announcement on the horizon and the innovative x1 Miner bug bounty program from Dev Release 58 drawing interest, BlockDAG is setting the stage for an exciting future.

BlockDAG’s $2 Million Giveaway Frenzy & $30 Predictions Highlights

BlockDAG is taking the crypto world by storm by attracting $53 million from its presale and selling over 11.7 billion coins. The presale price has surged to $0.0122 per coin, marking an extraordinary 1120% growth from Batch 1 to Batch 18. In an exciting development, BlockDAG is launching a $2 million giveaway, where 50 lucky participants can win by holding at least $100 worth of BDAG from the presale. Engaging with the community, completing tasks, and referring friends can further boost their chances of winning.

BlockDAG’s ambitious goal is to reach a price target of $30 by 2030 as analysts predict, promising a potential 30,000x return for investors. This target is backed by strategic initiatives to solidify its market position. Among these initiatives is the revolutionary X10 mining rig, a compact device that integrates seamlessly into any home setup, much like a standard Wi-Fi extender.

The X10 boasts a hash rate of 100 MH/s, mining up to 200 BDAG daily while consuming just 40 watts. This innovation has reignited interest in crypto mining, contributing an additional $3.4 million in sales from over 8177 units sold. With cutting-edge technology and bold ambitions, BlockDAG is positioning itself as a formidable player in the crypto space. Investors are invited to join this exciting journey and potentially strike gold with BlockDAG.

Dev Release 58: BlockDAG Unveils x1 Miner Bug Bounty Program

BlockDAG’s latest Dev Release 58 introduces an internal bug bounty program for its x1 Miner application, underscoring its commitment to enhancing security and performance. The program invites in-house users to identify and report vulnerabilities, offering skill development and recognition in return. This initiative aims to make the x1 Miner application more robust and user-friendly, ensuring a smoother and more efficient mining experience.

The bug bounty program not only strengthens the application but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement within BlockDAG. By actively involving the community in the development process, BlockDAG can quickly address issues and implement user-driven enhancements. This proactive approach demonstrates the company’s dedication to maintaining high standards of security and functionality in its products.

From a developer’s perspective, the bug bounty program is a cost-effective method that leverages community expertise for faster issue resolution and innovation. By incorporating feedback and insights from diverse participants, BlockDAG enhances its reputation for prioritizing security and quality, building trust within the blockchain community. The BlockDAG team eagerly anticipates the outcomes of this program, looking forward to continuous improvements and timely updates.

Final Thoughts

BlockDAG is making significant strides with its innovative initiatives and ambitious goals. The $2 million giveaway is set to captivate the community, while the x1 Miner bug bounty program ensures a secure and efficient mining experience. With less than 50 days until the giveaway winners are announced, BlockDAG’s journey towards a promising future in the crypto space is just beginning. Investors and enthusiasts are encouraged to engage with BlockDAG, participate in its presale, and join the revolution in blockchain technology.

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