Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) Ties up With Standard Bank in South Africa

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Blockchain Technology is becoming more popular as it is building trust and boosting the bottom line for all network activities. Through Blockchain people are experiencing safe and secure access for all their personal and professional data. However, blockchain is the future for all technological works, it supports people to blindly believe that their assets are secured with new efficiencies.

Thus, to provide immense blockchain benefits, Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) partners with Standard Bank, one of the best and largest banks of South Africa. 

More so, this partnership will bring in more advantages for collaborating many services. Like academics, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and researchers to learn the research techniques on blockchain technology. And it will also connect the gap between the technical functions of blockchain with the real market requirements. 

Blockchain Technology on Banking Systems

Furthermore, the BRI is an independent, global think tank which offers a dedicated experience. To explore the strategic implications of blockchain technologies on business, government, and society. Likewise, the blockchain institute is currently working on over 100+ valuable projects to provide such opportunities to all sector people.  

However, BRI is potentially serving the market by working with top experts from around the world.  Thus, providing the users to gain full advantage of blockchain’s inherent strengths. As a strong community, BRI is working on  multimillion-dollar research programs partnering with leading global corporations and governmental agencies.  Thereby promoting innovation and transformation in the blockchain industry.

Interestingly, the global  think tank institution is expanding their services through both online and offline platforms. The team works on distributing the educational contents in the form of webinars, books, conferences. In addition also through online courses in support of INSEAD and Coursera. 

Moreover, BRI is also targeting the business of banking sectors where the functions of blockchain technology will be more supportive for the customers. In order to save, secure, and transact their digital assets in a transparent and trustable way. Thus, as a success of expanding the service, BRI Africa is currently open for Egypt and Zimbabwe to launch and scale a new startup in the country. 

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