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Chinese Postal Savings Bank Tests a Hardware Wallet for Digital Yuan

-Chinese Postal Savings Bank has created a biometric hardware wallet for digital yuan payments.-Moreover, the biometric hardware wallet enables easy

2 years ago 2 mins read

Bank of Korea Publishes Book on CBDC’s Legal Issues

-South Korea’s central bank has published a book on legal matters. -Bank of Korea used blockchain technology to manage the transactions

2 years ago 3 mins read

Microsoft Uses Blockchain Tech to Buy Soil Carbon Credits in Australia

Microsoft uses blockchain technology to purchase soil carbon credits in Australia. A total of 43,338 metric tons worth of carbon

2 years ago 2 mins read

Real Research Sponsored Surveys Partnering Other Blockchain Projects

Real Research partnered with other blockchain-based projects Moreover, the project covers topics such as crypto, blockchain, economy, politics, science, technology,

2 years ago 3 mins read

Line Launches Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Platform

LINE, a Japanese messaging giant is building a platform for developing central bank digital currencies (CBDC), as per the report

2 years ago 2 mins read

Luxury Watchmaker Breitling Issues Blockchain Based Digital Watch Certificate

Breitling has, a well-known Swiss company has become the world’s first luxury watchmaker to leverage blockchain technology digital watch certificates.

2 years ago 2 mins read

Chainlink Acquires Blockchain Oracle Solution From Cornell University

Chainlink has made its second acquisition with Cornell University’s privacy-preserving oracle solution DECO for an unrevealed amount.  Deco Co-Founder Ari

2 years ago 2 mins read

Standard Chartered Bank Conducts First Blockchain Transaction In Bangladesh

On August 16, Standard Chartered Bank successfully leveraged blockchain technology to conduct Bangladesh’s first blockchain transaction by issuing a Letter

2 years ago 2 mins read

Blockchain Gaming Experience Potentially Exposing People To Crypto

The rise of many blockchain-based games that provide high-quality experience is seen to be the catalyst that will enable the

2 years ago 2 mins read