Bitvavo Announces New Partnerships to Explore Digital Innovations in Footballing World

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Crypto space is spreading its presence in all prominent areas, where people are very eager to explore digital innovations in their day to day lives. To be more specific, Crypto is now grabbing the attention of great people and business giants with the superpower of digital currencies.

Interestingly, Bitvavo- one of Europe’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges is signing a new partnership with Dutch football and the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB). Following its vision, the company supports each individual to explore the new economy of digital currencies. 

Digital Innovations in Footballing World

According to the Bitvavo analysis, the crypto market is observing a keen growth in the Netherlands. Thereby expanding its services all around the country. Moreover, till date over 1.6M people own digital assets members of Bitvavo exchange. 

Since 2018, the exchange is targeting to fix the gap between the traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies. In addition, the users can safely rely on the exchange to invest and trade their assets in a simple and secure way. 

Thus, to expand the market presence, Bitvavo officially partners with the Dutch football and KNVB. It aims to help the Dutch people to experience the booming digit innovations. Besides, Bitvavo observed that many people are eager to invest their savings in digital assets. So it planned to give an opportunity for the users to be a part of the popular investment community.

Additionally, the co-founder of Bitvavo, Mark Nuvelstijn comments, 

“Cryptocurrencies are securing huge responses and high growth in the market. So, Bitvavo wants to support the KNVB and the Dutch football fans to be aware of the opportunities in the new digital economy.”

However, this partnership has potential to make the Dutch population experience the benefits of cryptocurrencies. Also, it helps the Netherlands to be aware of how to invest and trade digital assets in a safe manner. 

Additionally, both parties agree that this partnership will have a long term run.  At least until the end of 2024, serving the footballing world with digital technologies.

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