Bittrex Exchange Listing Polker’s PKR Token – Don’t Miss Out, Ride The Wave!

Bittrex Exchange Listing Polker's PKR Token - Don't Miss Out, Ride The Wave!

Ahead of the highly anticipated launch of its play-to-earn game, Polker has listed its native token PKR on Bittrex. This exciting development is expected to increase the adoption of PKR as more people can now purchase the token. 

Polker token PKR goes live on Bittrex

Bittrex is listing the USDT/PKR trading pairs, and PKR holders can already deposit their tokens into their wallets. Full trading will go live from November 15, 2021, from 4 PM on the Bittrex trading platform. 

Bittrex has a highly liquid exchange with a daily transaction volume of $300 million. Polker holders will access a trading platform that offers numerous trading options and can easily trade, swap and withdraw their tokens. 

In addition, Polker will be an option for the over 2 million users registered on Bittrex. Its user-friendly platform will attract more users that want to hold PKR tokens. 

There are expectations from crypto experts that the listing of PKR will lead to a surge in the token’s value. PKR is a crucial component of Polker and is a cross-chain utility token that allows holders to access different features on its gaming metaverse. 

Polker plans to list the token on more exchanges before the end of the year and deploy it within different blockchain ecosystems to increase its use-cases. 

Building a gaming metaverse ecosystem 

Polker is an innovative gaming metaverse that is powered by blockchain technology. It deploys the powerful architecture of unreal engine 4 to create high graphics virtual gameplay that combines the best of virtual reality and blockchain. 

Users have a personalized gaming experience and can edit their environment within the metaverse. Polker has been able to deploy NFTs successfully within its gaming system that rewards players. Each NFT has specific characteristics, and holders can unlock new features as well as exclusive tournaments. 

Polker has launched the Beta version of its play-to-earn game. The game has an extensive ecosystem and is developed with sustainable tokenomics that provides diverse earning potentials for players.  

The game will also feature the popular Billionaire Game Room, where players can choose the avatars of global personalities like Trump, Kim, Elon and Jack. Polker has also revealed that key features of this premium gaming room are shrouded in mystery, and players will get to unlock the features in the future. 

The Polker Metaverse – Video Preview

About Polker 

Polker is a gaming metaverse powered by blockchain technology. Its metaverse is built on the unreal engine 4, enabling a highly immersive graphics gameplay for users. Polker gamers can Polker’s ecosystem is powered by its nastive token $PKR, which is available on UniSwap and PancakeSwap. PKR can also be staked with an APY of 36% on the Ethereum main net here. Staking of PKR will be available on Binance Smart Chain later in the year – so for those who don’t want to bridge to Ethereum, the opportunity is not missed. 

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