BitOasis Fundraising Season Secured $30 Million

BitOasis Fundraising Season Secured $30 Million

Crypto exchanges are expanding their presence in the market as the trading platforms are in huge demand due to the rise in more crypto adoption. Crypto users are connecting through these platforms to trade their assets. Thus, BitOasis, one of the largest and most secure crypto exchanges in UAE is planning to extend their network. 

To achieve the mission, BitOasis initiated a Series B funding round with remarkable investors from MENA regions. The funding rounds resulted in a closure of $30 Million which will support BitOasis for a notable growth in the marketplace. 

BitOasis – Fundraising Season

BitOasis is a popular crypto asset exchange serving all UAE crypto users including the MENA regions. Importantly, BitOasis fame lies in their vision of presenting a digitalized financial experience to its valuable users. Besides, maintaining an open, transparent and a super secure trading platform in the Middle East.

Moreover, the notable investors of the Series B funding are solely based in the MENA region supporting the event. The round was led by Chicago-based VC firm Jump Capital and MENA region’s VC company Wamda Capital. Along with them, BitOasis both new and existing investors took part in the funding rounds. 

Significantly, Global Founders Capital and Alameda Research were the recognizable new investors for BitOasis. And, Pantera Capital, Digital Currency Group, and NXMH- Belgium based investment firm are the existing partners of BitOasis. However with all these investor’s participation, BitOasis secures $30M in fundraising rounds.

Additionally, the crypto adoption is showing massive results in MENA regions with large interested  crypto users. Thus, the positive crypto regulations and digital asset awareness will increase the user base and digital currencies in the region. Besides, BitOasis is working on a smart plan to create an awareness about crypto security by incorporating with public departments. 

As an initiative, BitOasis recently joined the Dubai Police community to spread the crypto related fraudulent awareness. Through this, the BitOasis team will  educate the public and the existing users to be safe while investing on crypto assets within the region. However, this smart activity of BitOasis will bring transparency and trust on the exchange and into the crypto industry. 

So, BitOasis conducted the funding rounds to support the public, existing crypto users and investors to be more vigilant in dealing with digital assets. Thus, the CEO of BitOasis shares, 

“The fundraising rounds will support us to work closely with resources to rank as the most safe and trustable crypto exchange in the region. Along with extending our presence beyond the MENA region will happen in the due course.”

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