BitMEX Purchases a German Bank to Create a Crypto Powerhouse in the Heart of Europe

BitMEX Purchases a German Bank to Create a Crypto Powerhouse in the Heart of Europe
  • BitMEX turns a German Bank into a crypto powerhouse in Europe.
  • The crypto exchange agreed to purchase Bankhaus von der Heydt of Germany.
  • BitMEX plans to launch a crypto one-stop-shop in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

BitMEX is a cryptocurrency exchange and a P2P crypto-products trading platform. It stands unique in offering the investors to gain access to the global financial markets using only Bitcoin (BTC)

Thus, to expand its market presence, BitMEX acquired the oldest bank of Germany to create a crypto powerhouse in the heart of Europe. As a start to the process, the exchange purchased Munich-based Bankhaus von der Heydt, founded in 1754 which is 268-year-old now. 

Moreover, BitMEX is executing its great plans in expanding its business. As a vital deal BitMEX is discussing to establish a one-stop shop for regulated crypto products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And it will help BitMEX to take a deep dive into the crypto financial world – Banking 2.0. 

BitMEX – Crypto Powerhouse in Europe

Further, the CEO and CFO of BitMEX announced the purchase of the German bank is waiting for the approval by BaFin. And the transaction for the purchase is expected to close in mid 2022. Moreover, once BitMEX owns the bank, it will continue as a standalone business unit. 

In addition, the CEO of BitMEX, Alexander Höptner and CFO Stephan Lutz own a company named, BXM Operations. Where this new company will sign the agreement of purchase of Bankhaus von der Heydt. Thus, both the higher regulators shares a note saying, 

“BitMEX is moving one step closer in creating a regulated powerhouse for crypto products in the heart of Europe. Thus, it resembles our growth in the Group’s European expansion and product development.”

Additionally, as an ambitious goal, BitMEX is planning a great deal to become a strong player in Europe by creating regulated crypto products in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as well. And it helps BitMEX to experience the digital crypto world which the team calls Banking 2.0. 

More so, the CFO comments that Germany marks to be the largest economy of Europe. Thereby offering innovative ideas to digital assets with challenging rules and regulations. Therefore, it will be of great pride for BitMEX to expand its business in a prime market space in Europe.

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