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“Bitcoin for Hotties” Says American Rapper Megan Thee

“Bitcoin for Hotties” Says American Rapper Megan Thee Bitcoin News

The Crypto industry is surging day by day. As many celebrities, artists, and popular stars are involving themselves to influence their fans on hot trends. Similarly, cryptocurrency is also growing  with a valuable remark in the industry. Through this, digital assets are travelling all around the world, influencing many individuals to jump into the crypto space. 

Therefore, the popular stars or artists are the greatest influencers for their fans in the industry. So, the American Hip-Hop star, Megan Thee Stallion published a video on YouTube on the attractive topic, “Bitcoin for Hotties”. The video plays on the mobile payment service CashApp,  to educate her millions of fans about crypto. 

Bitcoin for Hotties

The Hip-Hop star, Megan Thee Stallion is originally from Houston whose freestyling videos became popular on social media platforms. Starting her career in such a way, today she is the most popular rapper with a huge fanbase in the industry. 

Megan Thee’s other popular name is “Hot Girl Meg” with millions of fan followers in all social networks. In regards to this, the rapper plans to educate her fans by releasing a video explaining about BTC, the value of bitcoin in the crypto industry. The video went live and it is the second project for CashApp. 

Megan Thee Joins CashApp

Moreover, the pop star discussed the price changes of bitcoin, how the market is at present, the value of cryptocurrency with an importance on scarcity and security. Besides, Megan taught her fans how to buy bitcoins and those digital currencies are highly valuable through a super secure technology “blockchain”. Further, the 2 minutes video is very informative with appropriate news about BTC, it’s worth and position in the market. 

The CEO of the Hot Girl Enterprises, Megan Thee Stallion added a note saying, 

“While the cash in your wallet is issued and regulated by governments, bitcoin is a cryptocurrency like a wild stallion. Bitcoin is a new kind of money and it can’t be controlled by anyone..”

In June end, Megan Thee deals a partnership with Jack Dorsey’s Cash App. The popular rapper gave $1 million of BTC in stock on the CashApp as a part of the financial literacy campaign. More so, the partnership is mainly to educate the people how to invest in digital assets. Besides, the video with title, “Bitcoin for Hotties” is the second popular project on CashApp on educating the users. The first video with title, “Investing for Hotties” published a month back helping people on how to invest in stocks. 

Therefore, the crypto industry is a way forward attracting more new entrants into the digital world. Thus, strong influencers like Megan Thee can empower many individuals to learn more about crypto and its value and scope in the present and upcoming  future.

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