Bitcoin (BTC) Innings of the Day

Average Transaction Fees of Bitcoin (BTC) Drops Below $1
  • The price of BTC has been fluctuating around $20K in the last 7 days.
  • Lighting Network BTC capacity is now 4,290 & has increased 34.6%.

Bitcoin has made some new achievements today in terms of lighting network capacity and entity count with at least one BTC. The price of the market pioneer has been fluctuating up and down in the $20K for the past one month. This fluctuation has also caught the attention of many investors who believe in buying in the dip and the newbies of the market.   

BTC Market Insights

The lighting network’s public channel capacity has attained the ATH that is above 4K BTC. The difference between the Nov 2021 ATH and the current value is 1,102 BTC addon, which makes a 34.6% hike. The valuation of the 4,290 BTC at the time of writing is then $94 M.

The wallets with only 1 BTC are also close to reaching 100K very soon. The price chart started a bullish trend however it changed its path and now is moving along in a bearish form. The price of BTC as per CMC is $21,922 with a market cap of $418 B.

But the mindset of the bigger firms is different it seems, since May 2022, the sales of the BTC by the huge capacities is nearing 230K BTC.

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