Bitbull Capital CEO Claims BTC to $100K in 2023

Bitbull Capital CEO Claims BTC to $100K in 2023
  • Bitbull Capital CEO confident over BTC.
  • Determines BTC on reaching $100K by 2023. 
  • Depicts numerous bullish periods for BTC ahead.

Even during an epic war time, the conspiracy and mystery which always surrounds the king of crypto, the Bitcoin (BTC) comes up eventually. Seems, whatever happens around the world, there will be a connection and a talk in regards with the BTC profusely. 

In such terms, the on-going war between Russia and Ukraine has toughened up the entire crypto and BTC industry by many folds. With plunging down with the onset of the war, slowly the BTC rebounded back to tracks. Currently, BTC is being traded for the price of $42K approximately, with the graphs upwards of 8%, taking into account the past 24 hours.

Though, there still exists a big propaganda that BTC is extremely volatile and couldn’t be surely predicted off, the avid BTC enthusiasts still continue to enhance BTC and indulge into it. One such avid BTC fan is the CEO of Bitbull Capital, Joe DiPasquale. The Bitbull Capital is an investment firm, being the first ever crypto fund of hedge funds.

The CEO’s Depictions and Views

Accordingly, the CEO of Bitbull Capital, Joe DiPasquale states that BTC is still going on its tracks. In addition he states that, for sure in the next 18 to 24 months, for sure, BTC will hit the epic target of $100K. Also, this epic event would only take place in 2023 and not in 2022, he determines. 

Moreover, he pointed out the past few downfalls of BTC were actually quite steep and depicts that the surges will be at a much higher rate too. On the other hand, Joe DiPasquale terms not to think of BTC as digital gold, but instead as a currency linked with the Central Bank, at a limited quantity. 

In spite of all this, the CEO points out that numerous bullish periods are ahead of the road for the BTC. Besides, Joe contradicts that the BTC has indeed played and is still playing a huge role in the on-going Russia-Ukraine war, in spite of BTC’s untraceability.

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