Bit-Media Outlet Is Now Accessible in Russia

  • Ivan Tikhonov founder disagrees strongly with the prosecutor’s verdict.
  • He wished that during the preceding the media was allowed through internet.

Bit-Media, a prominent news outlet in Russia, was delisted a week ago after being blocked by Roskomnadzor, the country’s watchdog for telecom and mass media. This was done because Bit-Media was specifically targeted. After all, it contained information aimed at promoting crimes in the field of the laundering process from crime. So the five URLs were banned.

But the Bit-Media stated that it was unclear and also mentioned that they were affected and the formal reason was unknown.

Ivan Tikhonov founder said that 

We are an interested party in the case, but no one notified us of the proceedings. We were not given any opportunity to remove the materials about which the Saratov prosecutor’s office had questions. We strongly disagree with the verdict

Bit-Media News Outlet Is Now Available

The judge approved the prosecutor’s request in less than a month, after taking into account the case absence of the media outlets owner, by the Volzhsky District Court of the city of Saratov’s verdict in the complaint brought by the local prosecutor’s office in late March.

The URLs for other websites are not intended to be made public, and Bit-Media determined that one of those they mentioned was the aggregator for cryptocurrency exchanges. This link disables the page and prevents access to the website, and the team believes that the other four links mentioned in the provincial court’s ruling are those for additional aggregators or cryptocurrency exchanges.

However, the founder said that blocking the address in violation of the law and that it is unlawful to seek its annulment made him wish to suspend the aggregator while still allowing internet access throughout the procedures.