Binance’s CCO Warns of New Con Technique Using Hologram

Young Canadian Crypto Trader Being Sued For Defrauding
  • According to Hillmann, hackers created an AI (artificial intelligence) hologram.
  • Hillmann did not reveal the cryptocurrency projects that were the focus.

Fraudsters and hackers are become more sophisticated by incorporating new technologies into their operations. Last week, Binance’s CCO, Patrick Hillmann, revealed a unique and complex method by which attackers have utilized his picture to carry out a listing fraud operation.

According to Hillmann, hackers created an AI (artificial intelligence) hologram of him that they used to con members of several cryptocurrency projects through Zoom sessions. The hologram convinced the projects that Binance may be interested in listing them, and that Hillmann was involved in the process.

Unique Impersonation Fraud

These individuals contacted Hillmann to express their gratitude for his assistance with the bogus listing chances, which is when he uncovered the ruse. Since he is not involved in Binance’s listing process, he was unaware of these gatherings.

Hillmann did not reveal the cryptocurrency projects that were the focus of the purported listing services or the amount of money that was invested in them. The CCO of Binance also warned that this kind of impersonation fraud was becoming more common across several social media platforms.

Hillmann commented:

“Beyond this latest incident, there’s been a recent spike in hackers pretending to be Binance employees and executives on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, etc. We are prepared to defend our users and our ecosystem.”

Hillmann reiterated that no intermediaries are involved in Binance’s listing process and that all listing requests must be submitted directly via the listing application website. An article published on the Binance blog last year said that the exchange will not charge a standard listing fee for such projects.

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