Binance Opened New List of Trading Pairs on Its Exchange

Binance Opened New List of Trading Pairs on Its Exchange

The world’s largest digital asset exchange, Binance officially released new crypto trading pairs for its valuable users. Interestingly the new faced pairs on the exchange are, AVAX/AUD, AVAX/BRL, AXS/ETH, FTM/ETH, LUNA/AUD, SOL/ETH and TROY/BUSD. The trading options are available at users end from 2021-10-15 10:00 AM (UTC).

Binance is still ranking the top position among the other crypto exchange platforms in the U.S marketplace. Through its innovative developments for cryptocurrency adoption, the exchange is scoring high trading volumes and users. Thus, every time Binance exchange pops up with new trading pairs to keep its users and the network active. 

Binance – New Trading Pairs

From the launch of the exchange till present, Binance is trading more than 700 cryptocurrency and fiat currency trading pairs. Binance releases new coins or tokens each day thus expanding its exchange network in the market. The concept of crypto pairings emerged to offer the customers to invest savings on their favorite trading pairs. 

Significantly, Binance holds a strong users base comparatively because of its lower trading fee which is just 0.1%. Also, Binance is more popular for its high-speed trade execution than many other U.S exchanges. Besides, the cryptocurrency exchange outplaces many other exchanges providing a simpler trading experience through unique ideas satisfying customer requirements. 

Moreover, the list of new trading pairs for Binancians are AVAX/AUD, AVAX/BRL, AXS/ETH, FTM/ETH, LUNA/AUD, SOL/ETH and TROY/BUSD. Notably, among this, AUD and BRL are fiat currencies which cannot represent like other crypto assets. 

Besides, all challenges Binance will still rank at the highest position with its strong market strategies in the industry. Low trading cost and high transaction speed with safe and secure trading experience, Binance will grab a lot of attractions from users around the world. 

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