Binance Is Seeking To Revoke All API Keys From Third-party Firms

Binance Announces Delisting of Serum Token Trading Pairs
  • CZ has specified that API keys should not be shared with any third-party services. 
  • Binance is trying to disable all the API keys used on Skyrex.

Binance CEO CZ tweeted this morning that users should not share their API credentials with any third-party platforms since there have been at least three individuals sharing their API keys with third-party platforms such as Skyrex and 3commas and experiencing unexpected trading on their accounts.

Following that, the owner of the Jelly e sports NFTs, CarlosOMFGTv, tweeted that by highlighting that the AXS is pumping, he has lost a million dollars from his account on the Binance platform. And CZ promptly responded to it, informing him of the API key sharing to third-party platforms and requesting that he delete it immediately.

Then CZ clarified that the Carlos API keys had been leaked and that the key had been used by Skyrex, the crypto trading bot company, and that all of the API keys used by the Skyrex platform would be disabled. Carlos also clarified that he has lost only 10K. AXIE has spammed out and it is only worth 100k.

At the time of writing, Axie Infinity is trading at $7.20, up 7.65%, with $96 million AXS in circulation and a market worth of $688 million.

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