Binance Helped Russia With Alexi Navalny’s Donation Data

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  • Binance provided Russia donation data of Alexi Navalny. 
  • Reports from Reuters have confirmed the source.
  • Crypto donations in millions have been donated to Alexi Navalny.

When it comes to internal political affairs within a country, the crypto industry of the particular nation has no other choice, rather than to abide with the government. Overall though the reason or cause of the party against the government is valid and legitimate, yet the crypto industry cannot go against the government. 

Similarly, the ongoing internal affair in Russia, with regards to the Russian opposition leader and Russian lawyer, Alexi Navalny is a similar case. True to the fact that Alexi Navalny had been fighting against the current political corruption ongoing in the current government for a long time. 

In spite of this, numerous threats and warnings have been directed to him both directly and indirectly. As support from over the world, Alexi Navalny has been receiving various crypto donations from anonymous sources all over the world. These include donations in Bitcoin (BTC) as well as many other prominent altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH) and much more.

It’s estimated that the Putin rivalry has so far received about 661 BTCs, till date. Also, the donations surged up ever since attempts were made to assassinate him.  Moreover, the donation level took onto a new level of surge after his arrest in January, 2022. 

Binance’s Controversial Aid to Russia

It’s kind of official that Binance, the largest global crypto exchange in the world has indeed helped Russia by giving them the donation track details and data of Alexi Navalny. Reports have been sourced by Reuters, pointing out various official and unofficial reports. 

However, Binance has officially started out on their blog that all sorts of news around Binance aiding and handing out donation data of Alexi Navalny to Russian authorities. In addition, Binance also also put out that they will be filing a formal complaint against Reuters for spreading out such rumors.  

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