Binance Collaborates With Ukraine’s ANC Pharmacy Chain

  • Previously Binance provided digital assets worth $10 million to Ukraine.
  • ANC Pharmacy has announced that digital currency payments may now be accepted.

ANC Pharmacy, the biggest pharmacy chain in Ukraine, has partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Binance to accept cryptocurrency payments from clients.

Many times during the previous few months, the exchange has helped the war-torn nation. Shortly after the start of the Russian “special military operation,” it provided digital assets worth $10 million to Ukraine and developed a crypto card for Ukrainian refugees.

Much Needed Convenience

ANC Pharmacy has announced that digital currency payments may now be accepted from clients. They may do so by placing an order on the company’s website. Furthermore, a partnership with Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, made the effort feasible. Users only need to download the exchange app, choose a product, pay for it using Binance Pay, and then pick up their medication at any nearby ANC site.

After Putin’s forces invaded Ukraine in February of last year, Binance was one of the first to help the nation recover economically. To aid those in Ukraine who have been impacted by the ongoing armed conflict, the Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund dispersed $10 million in cryptocurrency and set up a contribution website. As of the time this was written, it has raised roughly $50 million, or 2,936 BTC.

Moreover, the Binance Refugee Crypto Card was developed by the exchange in cooperation with financial services company Contis. As a result of this addition, Ukrainians traveling abroad will be able to buy and sell digital assets and pay for goods at stores inside the European Economic Area that accept crypto settlements.

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