Thu, April 25

Binance Charity and Superhumans Foundation Unite to Support Ukrainian War Victims

Binance Charity and Superhumans Foundation Unite to Support Ukrainian War Victims Exchange News

With the support of the nonprofit Superhumans Foundation, Binance Charity, the charitable arm of the premier global blockchain ecosystem Binance, is pleased to announce the beginning of educational programs aimed at helping Ukrainian residents affected by the conflict. These initiatives seek to provide these people fresh perspectives and provide them the resources they need to launch and grow their own companies. $150K from Binance Charity goes toward this project.

An intensive entrepreneurship program is offered as part of the educational endeavor to assist graduates and prospective entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their enterprises. The program is designed as a three-day training that is followed every two months by a month of mentorship assistance. roughly 100 participants—both civilians and veterans—are expected to graduate from the program; it is believed that roughly 30% of them will go on to start their own enterprises.

For veterans who have been honorably discharged from the armed forces who want to create veteran communities in their towns, there is a different peer-to-peer strategy. By the end of 2024, the objective is to have trained fifty veterans who will form their own organizations.

The goal now is to expand the peer-to-peer system to reach an unprecedented 100,000 veterans over the next three years, after successful deployment at the Superhumans Center.

Apart from the educational initiative, a social franchise catering to veterans and victims of conflict will be developed. This program will assist war victims—citizens and veterans alike—who want to launch their own companies. The endeavor is noteworthy for cultivating their spirit of entrepreneurship and assimilating their abilities into civilian life. Additionally, our education center will include rooms set aside just for these people to enjoy, where they may network, personal development, and take part in engaging educational activities.

Kyrylo Khomiakov, Binance’s Regional Head for CEE & Central Asia stated:

“Extending aid to war victims is an essential measure to facilitate their healing, recovery, and prosperity. We are privileged to unite with Superhumans in providing this assistance and optimism to individuals who have gone through terrible suffering. Binance Charity has resolved to support the Superhumans Center, an organization dedicated to offering Ukrainian war victims the prospect of a renewed, fulfilling life. We remain steadfast in our belief that our initiative and investment will generate opportunities for numerous individuals to kick-start new chapters in their lives.”

Olga Rudnieva, CEO Superhumans Center said:

“Superhumans Center is happy to announce our partnership with Binance in the area of veterans’ reintegration into civilian life. It’s important not only to give people the best prostheses and highest-quality rehabilitation – we aim to ensure that they have a reason to leave their apartments. Mobility and independence for people with disabilities are not only about medical services, it’s also about having a stable source of income, interacting with colleagues, and feeling needed in society.”

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