Binance Becomes Biggest BTC Holder!

Binance Becomes Biggest BTC Holder!
  • Binance becomes the largest BTC holder.
  • Exceeds Coinbase exchange, currently pushed down.
  • FTX downfall post effect accounts to be the sole reason.

Binance now officially becomes the largest holder of Bitcoin (BTC) currently, surpassing Coinbase exchange. According to statistical reports from analysts of various firms, Binance is now the exchange with the most BTC reserves.

Moreover, this is the first time that Binance has gained this status. The exchange reserve which denotes the BTC holdings of an exchange depicts the number of BTC being put into the exchange wallets. 

In this sense, the current ‘exchange reserve’ reserve indicator points that people have put their BTCs into their Binance wallets literally, and its rate has increased dramatically. 

The Real Reason Behind

While taking into account the overall study of the exchange reserve of most of the prominent big exchanges, it’s clearly evident that almost all of the exchanges’ have a decreasing exchange reserve upon the month of November, 2022. 

This is mainly due to the FTX downfall aftermath. Truly, the FTX downfall has been extremely fatal for the global crypto industry, affecting millions, and losses too into millions. With such an event, people indeed started to lose their trust upon the entire industry, specifically, the exchanges.  

And so, began the deteriorating prices of almost all crypto in the market, as the withdrawals were at the peak. The fera indeed instigated the investors to take such an attempt. 

Likewise, the exchange reserve of Binance too, decreased evidently. However, for the past few days, the exchange reserve started to gradually increase for Binance alone, whereas all the other exchanges plunged down. 

This rather shows that people slowly started to put in their investments, and BTC into Binance wallets. On the whole this clearly indicates that currently, Binance is the one most wholly trusted crypto exchange globally. 

However, the price of BTC plunged down in a sudden haste, leaving the entire industry with heavy aches. Currently, BTC is trading for the price of $16,040, with the graphs down by 3.20% for the past 24 hours. 

Upon early morning of November 21, 2022, the price of BTC fell down from $16,587 to a low of $15,960 within barely three hours. Such a steep downfall, later somehow subdued in a few hours into the day.

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