Beowulf Blockchain List its Own Token on Bittrex

Lum Network Raises $4M For Business Trust Engine

Beowulf Blockchain has announced the listing of its own coin on Bittrex Global exchange starting on September 24, 2020.

Beowulf, a business-to-business decentralized cloud network for communication services. The company brings transparency and immediately-available solutions for all users and business customers in many fields.

Through the listing, Beowulf will decentralize the ownership of the blockchain. It will also provide a unique opportunity for people and organizations around the world to become supernodes. However, allowing the Blockchain to distribute 100 million BWF coin (worth $1M USD) to the community within two weeks after the listing. 

Moreover, Beowulf will work with the exchanges to establish a supernode network. Users can stake their holdings together to form supernodes. Therefore, earning block rewards (BWF coins) and transaction fees from the company is simple and seamless.

Beowulf Blockchain CEO Dr. William H. Nguyen said,

“With the support of industry-leading partners, Beowulf Blockchain will be able to completely disrupt the enterprise communications industry by providing a better video-quality, more efficient, and lower-cost video conference services to end-users worldwide.”

Recently, Beowulf Blockchain has also partnered with FHL Games, the leading games and digital content distributor in Latin America. The company also forged partnerships with many prestigious educational organizations and corporations worldwide to deploy QUICKOM, TUTORICA, BIPLOMA, and other advanced technology platforms.

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