BeMine Commences First Round of Presales of Pawa Token

BeMine — The Pioneer Mining Partner for Users Around the World

BeMine sells mining equipment to customers all around the globe. Their business lets customers buy parts of equipment, effectively buying equipment by sharing ownership, and then mine cryptocurrencies instantly after purchase, saving time on shipping, installation, and setup.

The firm has been operating since 2017 and has over 100,000 global clients. BeMine is a new service with enormous plans in the world of cryptocurrency mining.

If investors don’t want to buy the complete ASIC-miner, they may buy its shares. BeMine offers up to 1/100 share of the precise ASIC for a fair price to start mining coins. But if one wants to have the entire one, they may buy ASIC door-to-door delivery.

The only choice investors have to make is to purchase 1/100 or the full ASIC and start earning revenue. Daily profits are delivered to investors’ internal accounts.

BeMine has launched a new cloud mining solution. The organization has had great success in delivering crypto mining services and has a wide range of industry expertise. So the firm introduced Multifunctional Utility Tokens, Pawa.

Pawa is the future of HashEX and the BeMine staking mechanism. Buying using Pawa tokens may save investors up to 45% on machine and maintenance costs! This speeds up mining payback. The Pawa tokens are now available for presale, letting users save even more on mining.

In April 2021, the company’s VIP customers bought the first 120 million Pawa tokens in a private round. The private sale token price was $0.01. The organization is all set for the five public sales rounds of Pawa before releasing it for centralized and decentralized trading.

The mentioned five public rounds will sell tokens in two ways:

  • BeMine personal account
  • Liquidity pools on DEX

With the first 120 million Pawa tokens sold in a flash, the company has begun the first round of presales, allowing investors to purchase the Pawa token and save up to 45 percent on equipment and maintenance costs.

Moreover, just by maintaining the present growth rates, BeMine will become the market leader in 12-18 months as per the calculations.

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