BeMine – A Crypto Platform Offers Pawa Token Presale For Crypto Enthusiasts

BeMine - A Crypto Platform Offers Pawa Token Presale For Crypto Enthusiasts

BeMine is suitable for crypto enthusiasts who want to start mining. Long-term mining is believed to be the best owing to the increasing value of cryptocurrencies.

It is great for long-term miners owing to its flexible contracts that ensure revenue. It also offers a great market for users who want to start small and generate a stable income from mining. Users may buy and keep mining equipment without being present for the purchase, shipment, installation, setup, and maintenance of ASIC.

BeMine allows you to buy ASIC miner components. An affordable alternative for miners to start mining without investing in costly equipment, the company offers up to 1/100 share of precise ASIC miners. Moreover, it is an excellent cloud mining tool for crypto enthusiasts who don’t want to deal with maintenance expenditures.

BeMine, Multifunctional Utility Token Pawa is the future of HashEX and the BeMine staking mechanism. Buying using Pawa tokens may save you up to 45% on machine and maintenance costs! Thus, helping boosts mining payback.

The Pawa idea may transform the cloud mining industry, enabling new individuals and financial flows into cryptocurrency mining and affecting the dependability and profitability of mining as a company.

The firm created, tested, and validated marketing hypotheses ahead of the token sale. BeMine has the potential to grow without advertising and just organic results ten times every year.

In April 2021, the company’s VIP customers purchased the first 120 million Pawa tokens in a private round. The private sale initial token price was priced at $0.01. The organization has announced five more public sales of Pawa before releasing the token in centralized and decentralized trade. With the first presale round already started.

The five public rounds will sell tokens in two ways:

  • BeMine account
  • DEX liquidity pools

Crypto enthusiasts can participate in this pre toke sale and grab the multifunctional Pawa token, enabling them to save up to 45% in equipment cost and maintenance.

About BeMine:

BeMine was founded in early 2018 and serves Russia and the CIS. They claim to be the first to provide ASIC cloud mining, an alternative to selling mining contracts. BeMine has over 70,000Th/s in Irkutsk, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Siberia, and even Almaty, Kazakhstan.






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