BAYC NFT #6462 Ape Sold For Just 200 USDC, Raising Speculations

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  • The police helmet, pizza, and bone necklace adorn the #6462 Ape.
  • The NFT was sold for more than $7,000 a year ago.

At a price of around 200 USDC, the BAYC NFT, #6462, was sold recently. Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT is one of the most costly collections. Some people wouldn’t even think about being able to afford the current floor price of 105.1 ETH ($218,006.09) for the Ape.

Buyer and Seller Are Same

The police helmet, pizza, and bone necklace adorn the #6462 Ape. Cryptocurrency and blockchain transactions are non-reversible, and those who have been around for a while know this. It’s possible to lose everything if you accidentally press the wrong button.

While it may seem to be an expensive error at first look, we cannot rule out the possibility that it is not. Cryptocurrency users have been keeping tabs on the NFT holder since the news broke, and they’ve concluded that this might be another tax avoidance effort. According to some users, both the buyer and seller are one.

This is based on a closer review of the OpenSea transaction history, which shows that the NFT was sold for more than $7,000 a year ago. There have been at least five transfers of the NFT since it was first issued.

Furthermore, the buyer account has only been open for one month. The seller agreed to the deal in about three minutes. Some people feel sorry for the NFT vendor, while others think it’s a tax evasion scheme. There have been several instances when users have sold their NFTs for less than they are worth. The truth may never be known as soon as it was in this case.

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