Azimuth Finance Is an Innovative DeFi Ecosystem That Rewards $AZM Holders With Passive Income

Azimuth Finance Is an Innovative DeFi Ecosystem That Rewards $AZM Holders With Passive Income

It is designed to facilitate farming, mining and creation of stable coins and other reliable crypto assets and instruments. Azimuth Finance provides wide solutions on stable passive earnings for both users and businesses.                                     

The $AZM utility token powers the Azimuth Finance ecosystem, making it effective and user friendly. $AZM is employed to reward users of the ecosystem for their online activity.             

Azimuth Finance is run by veteran developers and marketing experts. You can get acquainted with the team on the website in the Team section.                                                   

Azimuth Finance team consists of a group of professional developers and programmers, a marketing department, and a CEO. The team has vast experience and authority in the crypto sphere. You can get acquainted with the team on the website in the Team section. Also, all team members have passed KYC in the company of … This suggests that the team is absolutely opened and is not afraid to take responsibility for their project to potential investors.                                           

Another advantage of Azimuth Finance is the fact that the $AZM token smart contract has been audited by three independent companies: TechRate, SolidityFinance and SolidProof. All audit companies gave the highest rating to the security of the smart contract, as well as the absence of technical flaws in the ecosystem. This is an important aspect that investors should pay attention to, especially at the present time.

Azimuth Finance includes several tools for passive income:


Based on the Azimuth Finance platform, there are 7 mining pools: AZM, USDT, BUSD, ETH, USDC, DOGE and BNB. If investors do not trust $AZM tokens, they can invest in MINER and earn stable tokens pegged to the dollar. Users can buy a place in any specified pool. Buying a place in the pool at the Pre-Launch stage, investors also receive special conditions with increased APR, unlike those who will invest in MINER after the listing.                                                       


Azimuth Finance provides the highest annual farming rates on the market. In total, 9 pools are provided, in which users can invest their LP tokens and receive a passive reward of up to 4282% APR of the deposit amount. Also, our referral program is available to all users, which allows you to get 10% for all transactions and financial instruments that your referral will use.                                                                                                                                  


Azimuth Finance has developed two types of Nodes: full and light.                                      

Full nodes act like a server in a decentralized network. Their main tasks include maintaining consensus between other nodes and verifying transactions. They also store a copy of the blockchain, making them more secure and allowing you to set up features like instant send and private transactions.                                       

The set of full nodes selected by the lightweight nodes creates the next block and receives the transaction fee of the verified block. Transaction fee is evenly distributed among all validators in this set.                                     

Purpose of Lite Nodes is to select full nodes as validators to create a block. For this, Lite Nodes will receive a commission, which is part of the block reward. Amount of the reward received also depends on the reputation of this node, reputation may fall if the node is not available, that is, offline.


The Azimuth Finance team paid great attention to tokenomics and developed the most balanced distribution of tokens among all elements:                                        

● Pre-launch 26%

● Farming Rewards 11%

● Mining Rewards 9%

● Nodes Rewards 6%

● Liquidity 41%

● Marketing 6%

●Team 1%

Large percentage of tokens are allocated for liquidity, which in turn guarantees users to trade tokens with minimal slippage. The team was allocated only 1% of tokens with a linear unlock for 36 months. This indicates that no one will be able to bring down the price of tokens.                                                      

To maintain the ecosystem, mechanisms are built into the smart contract that use commission fees to ensure the stable operation of all tools. And a system of automatic burning of tokens is built into the smart contract, which counteracts the development of inflation and contributes to the high price of the tokens.                                                 

● Liquidity fee – 2%
● Treasure fee – 1%
● RIF fee – 2%
● Burn fee – 1%                                              
● Mining fee – 2%
● Farming fee – 2%
● Nodes fee – 1%                                           

Pre-Launch Azimuth Finance

On September 9, Azimuth Finance launches Pre-launch on its platform. Total supply of tokens allocated at the Pre-Launch will be 2,600,000. Price of the $AZM token for Pre-Launch participants will be $0.35, the price of the token at the time of listing will be $0.6. You can purchase not only $AZM tokens, but also purchase a place in mining and farming pools on exclusive terms by participating in the Pre-Launch. You can also become the owner of full and lite nodes. This will allow you to receive the highest possible passive income!

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