Elias Sitton Salame and Diego Quinzaños Solorzano introduces AXO, the most promising monetary solution in South America

AXO — The Most Promising Monetary Solution in South America

Axolotl MXN announces the launch of crypto token AXO to increase the adoption of the Mexican Peso (MXN). AXO token will work as a stablecoin. Hence, each AXO holds the price of MXN $1. 

AXO is the first crypto token for the Mexican Peso (MXNT) makes its debut. Currently, the AXO token is present on Uniswap. Our platform will be soon integrated with different other exchanges which further facilitate the exchange of MXNT.

Use Case:

Moreover, AXO will provide many use cases. More so, AXO is the native currency on the Axolotl MXN ecosystem. Users on the platform can utilize AXO to purchase goods and services on the Axolotl protocol. Added to this, users can also utilize AXO to complete transaction fees and could even get a discount. 

AXO will facilitate lending, borrowing, and staking. In addition, AXO will be accepted in many commercial locations such as convenience stores, restaurants, and many others. Moreover, the token contains many other promising features. Even more, the biggest thing to be noted is that it is fiat money backed crypto which eliminates volatility as all AXO is equal to MXN $1 at all times. 

AXO is also accessible easily, and users can swap tokens easily for the Mexican Peso to withdraw fiat currency seamlessly. Moreover, AXO comes with full transparency and operates by reputable financial organizations. In specific, AXO runs on blockchain technology which confirms absolute security as well.

The combination of the finest brains

There are brilliant minds of experienced and skilled personnel behind AXO. Elias Sitton Salame who is the CEO of the company has years of experience in the FinTech sector. In addition, he aims to steer the project to its huge success. Along with him, there are CFO — Diego Quinzaños Solorzano, CTO — Érick Bernal Navarro, and co-founder Óscar Giovanny Bernal. 

Together, the team plans to launch AXO’s platform by early 2022. Even more, the platform will facilitate the issuance and receipt of direct payments for individuals and businesses. The aim is to enable the fast adoption of MXNT at low costs.

Are you wondering how to purchase AXO? Here is the way users can contact AXO directly. In addition, they can also stay as distributors. The project focuses on revolutionizing the financial ecosystem by contributing growth through a wide network of distribution. In addition, the platform will also make alliances with many international world-class firms. 

All-in-all, MXN was chosen to be the fiat currency for backing up AXO. As one of the top 10 most utilized currencies in the world, also being the third most used for remittances, it is also the most stable currency in Latin America.  

About AXO Token 

AXO is the first Mexican digital asset backed 1:1 by MXN. Moreover, MXN is among the top 10 performing fiat assets in the world. MXN is also the most stable fiat currency in Latin America. 

About Axolotl MXN

Investment Promotion Company Axolotl MXN processes fiat bookings to guarantee tokenized currencies. Axolotl MXN was established in compliance with Mexican law. Since the launch of the company, it has continually worked with renowned international accounting brands to verify that the 1:1 is always maintained.

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