AscendEX Lists HOPR Token

AscendEX Lists HOPR Token

AscendEX, formerly BitMax, a global cryptocurrency financial platform with a comprehensive product suite, is thrilled to announce the HOPR token (HOPR) listing under the pair USDT/HOPR on July 1 at 1 p.m. UTC. For the first time, AscendEX will support HOPR deposits and withdrawals from both Ethereum and xDAI Chain blockchains. In celebration of the listing, AscendEX and the HOPR team will jointly launch two limited-time promotional events offering users a chance to share $70,000 USDT worth of HOPR rewards!

HOPR’s team is comprised of highly motivated experts headquartered in Switzerland with a mission to provide universal data privacy. By fostering a one-of-a-kind incentivized mixnet, the HOPR protocol enables institutions and retail users to protect their transmitted data and metadata. With the help of one of the most engaged communities in crypto, HOPR is building the digital privacy landscape of tomorrow.

HOPR network users can earn the native HOPR token as an incentive for running nodes that anonymously and securely relay data to other network members using HOPR’s proof-of-relay system. Users can also use the HOPR token to vote in HOPR’s DAO experiments, a governance initiative with one of the highest participation rates in the crypto space.

In the coming months, HOPR plans to launch an innovative and gamified testing environment. In addition, HOPR will be presenting its latest privacy research to industry leaders at the EthCC conference in Paris this July.

 Dr. Sebastian Bürgel, HOPR’s founder, said: “We’re excited to strengthen our relationship with AscendEX, who have been a great resource for our community through our incentivized testnets and our fair launch in early 2021. This listing will give users cost-effective and seamless access to the HOPR network. The bond created between Ethereum and xDAI Chain represents a major milestone for improved access to the DeFi and the crypto community as a whole.”

Igor Barinov, a founder of xDAI Chain said, “We are proud that HOPR will be the first non-native token on any CEX to simultaneously support Ethereum and xDAI Chain. It is also the first xDAI Chain token, other than native xDAI, to be listed on any CEX.”

HOPR’s investors and strategic backers include Binance Labs, Spark Digital Capital, AU21, Focuslabs, Caballeros Capital.

About AscendEX 

AscendEX (formerly BitMax) is a global cryptocurrency financial platform with a comprehensive product suite including cash, margin and derivative trading, wallet services, and staking support for over 150 blockchain projects such as bitcoin, ether, and ripple. Launched in 2018, AscendEX services over 1 million retail and institutional clients globally with a highly liquid trading platform and secure custody solutions. For more information, please visit

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About HOPR

Swiss-based HOPR is a team of highly motivated experts with a single shared goal: universal data privacy. The HOPR protocol lets companies and users protect their transmitted data and metadata thanks to its one-of-a-kind incentivized mixnet. Together with one of the most engaged communities in crypto, HOPR is building the digital privacy landscape of tomorrow. HOPR is a 

Layer-0 metadata privacy protection protocol that can be used to connect devices and the cloud, and realize private transactions on the chain. HOPR has developed cutting-edge technologies for digital privacy, zero-layer data transmission, and decentralized governance. HOPR tokens have three major functions: payment, equity, and voting. 

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