Artist Have Got a New Light of Hope Through NFT’s

eBay Offers First NFT Collection Based on NHL Legend Wayne Gretsky
  • An NFT sale allows aspiring singer-songwriter to control their master rights.
  • It’s in the discovery of fresh talent and building personal connections.

Early NFT beneficiaries, such as Calvin Harris (who has collaborated with Snoop Dogg and LeBron James), had a lack of demographic diversity.

Every new market has pioneers who become thought leaders, investors, and legendary CEOs. Bitcoin and Ethereum are struggling; however, this slow market has not yet helped many underrepresented or unbanked people, such as those without easy access to traditional forms of financial services.

Eliminating the Gatekeepers

The launch of NFT has made it possible to achieve this by making it easier for everyone to participate in the creative and entertainment sectors, traditionally dominated by gatekeepers and walled gardens.

For individuals that collect many NFTs from a collection, NFT artists may strengthen their connection with the collector by incorporating tangible products or tickets to an in-person event, as well as hidden premium surprises. Purchasing an NFT is equivalent to purchasing shares of $BYND, representing an investment in the sustainable outcome.

An NFT sale may allow an aspiring singer-songwriter to control their master rights and sell copies of their work independently, without requiring contacts or up-front funds to obtain a seat at a talent agency.

Cryptocurrency’s unclear environmental repercussions are only one example of the unequal power distribution and unforeseen side effects that plague every sector. It’s in the discovery of a fresh talent and building personal connections between creators and their fans that the creative economy shines.

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